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Buyers Need Some Skin in the Game

I still see many buyers still requesting the seller to pay all of their closing costs when purchasing a house not even considering the amount of closing costs the seller is responsible for paying on their end. This of course, … Continue reading

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Getting A FHA Loan? Changes Coming April 1!

New FHA mortgage program changes – what buyers need to know before April 1, 2013 The Federal Housing Administration has announced several changes to FHA mortgage programs that will begin April 1, 2013. These changes will impact customers who are … Continue reading

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What To Do…What To Do? Buy or Rent

Purchasing a home can save you money very quickly. FIRST, you’ll save on taxes because the interest on your home mortgage is tax deductible. If you rent, your landlord gets the break. SECOND, you’ll save on interest payments while keeping the … Continue reading

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